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Organize your photos.

Finding it hard to manage your pictures? Do you have thousands of images scattered across various devices and social sites? Are you struggling to find your favourites? Are your kid’s stories buried in hashtags and Instagram captions? Is your childhood printed photo collection trapped in boxes and bins at your folks’ place?

Today’s busy families face modern challenges for managing pictures. Millennials take more photos than their baby boomer parents, and their images live everywhere. With thousands of photos to scroll through it’s getting harder and harder to find the keepers. Constant technology changes and bulging camera rolls add to the overwhelm.

Even more challenging; millennials are about to inherit their parents’ photos. This is a mess they’re not ready to tackle. These collections contain printed photos, home movies and outdated media. Today’s parents are faced with busy schedules, raising kids, and other demands on their time. They need help!

The key to getting your photos organized is to start before you’re ready!

We can help.

At Pix & TALES, we help busy parents manage their pictures and tell their family stories. We offer a variety of solutions for overwhelmed, time-starved or budget-conscious families. With a focus on results, we help you get this done!

Done by you.

Are you ready to take control? We provide training, tools and resources that take you step-by-step through the process. Our subscription-based membership is the perfect solution for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Photo organizing surrounded by a community of support will help you get it done.

Done with you.

Want to take control with a little help from us? After an assessment of your photo mess, we’ll provide a customized plan based on your unique needs. Your personalized program includes 1:1 guidance, instruction, support and accountability. We make sure you get the job done.

Done for you.

Ready to give up control? We’ll take this off your hands and organize your photos for you. After we get your pictures organized and backed up, we can help your parents. Once digitized, we’ll combine the two collections in a way that best suits your family. We make sure the job gets done.

Take the first step.

Your photo organizing journey begins with education. We share tips and resources on social media and in-depth articles on our blog. Get all our FREE stuff delivered to your inbox when you subscribe below. 

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