About Lisa & Chelsey

This is us.

We’re Lisa and Chelsey, the mom + daughter team behind Pix & TALES. Together, we help busy parents (and their parents) organize their photos and tell their family stories.

Passing an entire history of pictures from one generation to the next is a daunting task. Baby boomer parents are getting ready to downsize and pass along the family photo collection. Are you prepared to take that on? It’s complicated and messy. But we figured it out, and we’ll show you the way.

First, we help you get your digital photos organized. Then, we show you how to tackle your parent’s photo collection and combine it with yours. We’ll keep it simple. Doable. Fun. We know how busy life is. And we know this matters to you.

We’re ready to inspire and educate two-generations of memory-keepers as you ‘pass the torch.’ Are you ready to get started? 

Your story matters. 

Every family has a story to tell. Values, traditions and a positive family narrative help connect us and build self-esteem. Photos and videos help us remember, and stories bring them to life. Keep them safe. Pass them along. Inspire the next generation to be the keeper-of-the-stories.

I know the power of authentic family stories. The real stuff. The ‘not so perfect’ curated life. It’s in my genes, and there are simple ways to get this done. I also know I don’t want 52 scrapbook albums that my mom created.


Lisa Kurtz, Founder & Managing Partner

About Lisa
Our story began in 1991 when I lost my mom to cancer. I inherited a box filled with old printed photos, memorabilia and slides. No names, no stories and no one to fill in the blanks.


Because soon after losing my mom, I lost my grandma, aunt and uncle. They were the only people who could help me make sense of that box of pictures.

When they died… so did the stories. And many of the photos became meaningless.

Chelsey was only two at the time! I was taking lots of pictures, and I wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to our family photos. So I became intentional about the pictures I took. I jotted down the stories and kept our photos and home movies organized along the way. In 1996, I started a career helping others do the same.

At first, I taught hundreds of people how to scrapbook. When digital photography exploded, people needed help in organizing their growing digital collection. That’s when I became a certified professional photo organizer (yes, there is such a thing).

In 2011, the Association that trains professional photo organizers hired me to help develop training programs for its members, and later, I took on the role of COO.

In 2019, I founded Pix & TALES with my daughter Chelsey.  Today, I’m a busy wife, mom, grandma and entrepreneur. And I still take lots of photos.

Speaking of Chelsey, she caught the photo bug too! After all, my dream was to inspire her to be the ‘keeper of the stories.’
I can check that off my list of life-goals. 


Chelsey Young, Founder & Creative Director

About Chelsey
As a new mom, I’m finding modern ways to tell our family story while keeping the photo chaos under control. I’m a busy mom, wife and blogger, with three furry “kids” and a tiny, new human in the house.

I took on a love for photography and creative design and made a career out of it as a side-hustling freelancer. My work ranged from real estate photography to brand design. And, I have a real passion for photo editing and photo book design.

I founded Pix & TALES with my mom because I know the power of authentic family stories. The real stuff. The ‘not so perfect’ curated life. It’s in my genes and there are simple ways to get this done. I also know I don’t want the fifty two scrapbook albums my mom created for me when I was a kid. I mean, seriously, who has the space for that?

Shhh…but don’t tell my mom!

Industry Certifications and Affiliations

I have worked with Lisa professionally since 2015. She is SO capable, patient, and brings calmness and fun to every interaction! She is for sure a lovely, fun lady!

Billie Meyers

Chelsey and Lisa have incredible talent when it comes to photography and organizing. They are upbeat, kind, creative, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’d recommend their work to anyone looking to make the most of their precious memories.

Heather Allison

Lisa is an incredible mentor and entrepreneur and any client would be blessed to have her help in preserving their stories.

Mollie Wasserman

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