At this point, few of us are immune to the COVID-19 blues with the daily onslaught of fear and uncertainty in the news. Cancelled engagements, social distancing, economic uncertainty, school closures and a shortage of toilet paper are enough to give anyone the ‘blues.’

And now, COVID-19 is officially a pandemic

You can protect your physical health by paying close attention to the CDC and WHO recommendations, as well as those of your local government response teams. 

But what about your mental health? We think this is a perfect time to turn your attention to your photo collection!


Why now? 

If you’re like most people, you’ve put the task of organizing your photos aside because of a lack of time. As your plans change or cancel, and you find yourself at home with less to do, use this newfound time to catch up on this worthwhile task.


Photos are mood-boosters! 

Taking a walk down memory lane is a great way to trigger happy endorphins because your photo collection is filled with joy-filled events and happy memories. This is a great time to tell stories and share photos (and videos) with your family. Pick your favourites and learn how to make a photobook or a video slideshow. Video record your family sharing their favourite stories or memories. Start a scrapbook or declutter and scan your older print photos. You can’t go wrong with any activity that involves sharing your photos. And it sure beats the COVID-19 blues.


Decluttering is a timely distraction from current events. 

Watching the news or scrolling through social media is compelling right now, but it’s not so great for your peace of mind (and mental health). Scroll through your camera roll instead! Start decluttering your mobile photos by marking your favourites and deleting the junk. Before you know it, you’ve plowed through a few years of photos.


Journal and document for the future. 

Don’t stop documenting or taking photos during tough times. Focus on the day-to-day milestones or funny things your kids say and do. The lighter side of life! The story you tell today becomes a gift for future generations and helps build resilience.


mom and baby looking at iPhone photos

Stay safe and take action now to beat the COVID-19 blues!

Like we said before, follow CDC and WHO recommendations to keep you and your family safe. If you want to make a plan for your photos, and you don’t know where to start, download our
free photo management planner to help you get started. 

And please, please, please…wash your hands!


Lisa Kurtz is the Founder of Pix & TALESI’m the Founder & Managing Partner, otherwise known as Mom, in the mom + daughter team behind Pix & TALES. You can learn more about our story here.


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