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Pour yourself a cup of coffee and linger for a while. We’ll inspire and educate you about how to organize, protect and enjoy your photos & stories. Do you feel overwhelmed? Take a deep breath. You’ve taken the first step. Learn what matters in the confusing world of photo organizing. Then let that knowledge empower you to move forward. Each step forward will motivate you to continue. The reward is an organized, safe photo collection ready to enjoy and share.

The Story Behind Pix & TALES

The Story Behind Pix & TALES

Everyone has a story to tell, and businesses are no different. This is the story behind Pix & TALES.  The story of us. It begins in the late '80s. It was a time of big hair, big sweaters, and big dreams. I had a big dream myself - becoming a mother. And in 1989,...

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about Lisa and Chelsey Mom + Daughter Pix & TALES

We’re Lisa and Chelsey, the mom + daughter team behind Pix & TALES. Together, we help busy parents (and their parents) manage their pictures and tell their family stories. Learn more here…

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