Facebook is for sharing photos NOT storing them. Stop storing your digital photos on Facebook. In this post, you’ll learn how to bulk download and save your original images.

“I think the only reason I still have a Facebook account is because of all the pictures I have stored there.”

There’s not much that can make me stop staring dreamily at the sleeping face of my newborn son, but that sure did it. When my wife uttered that sentence so casually, I was immediately shocked.


For photo storage?

Didn’t she know what a bad idea that was?

She just shrugged, her attention more focused on folding tiny baby clothes than on my visible alarm. It wasn’t until I told her that Facebook compresses and degrades her images that she seemed concerned.

Facebook has to compress your images and make them smaller to display them correctly on both the website and the app. Though Facebook has recently implemented the option to upload and store your photos at a much higher quality than it once did, the fact of the matter remains – you never want to save your original images anywhere that degrades your pictures.

And don’t even get me started on the issue of privacy and data mining. I’ll save that for another post!

So, now that you know this, what are you supposed to do about the images you have stored on your Facebook?

Unfortunately, while we can’t restore the original quality of the images, Facebook has given us the option to bulk download all of our photos at once. Bulk downloading saves us from having to go from album to album and image to image, “right-click-save-as”-ing as we go. From there, we can transfer the photos we’ve rescued into our already (or soon to be) established photo hub.

Bulk download your stored Facebook photos

It’s relatively easy to download these images; as long as you know where to look.

Start on your profile page. In the upper right-hand corner, click the drop-down arrow, and then click Settings.

Once you’re in Settings, in the left-hand panel, click Your Facebook Information.

On the Facebook Information page, select Download Your Information. This page gives you access to all your Facebook information – not just photos! – but let’s focus on photos for now.

On the right-hand side of the page, first, click Deselect to deselect all the boxes. Once that is done you can select just your Photos and Videos. Before clicking Create File, you’ll want to make sure you set the Date Range to “All of my data,” and you set the Media Quality to “High.” Then, click Create File.

Facebook will send you a notification when the file is ready to be downloaded, at which point you can download it to your computer. Facebook will show you exactly how much space these photos will take up, so be sure that you have that amount of space free on whatever device you’re downloading your photos to.

The zipped folder and subfolders will be in your Downloads. Once you have unzipped the file, all your photos will be at your fingertips! You will find them organized into folders labelled with the name of the album they were stored in on Facebook. Album names are going to make it easier for you when you’re renaming your images, as it will allow you to go back to Facebook to see when the album was created and to add any additional details in the album description.

And we’re done! Your photos are ready to be renamed and sorted into your Hub (don’t worry – we’ll be delving into that process soon, too).

Now, does all of this mean that you have to stop sharing your photos on social media? Absolutely not! We’re just helping you store your original images in the safest places possible. This way, you have easy access to your absolute favourite photos. Those are the ones you get to showcase on Facebook and Instagram!

Ready to put this into action? How many photos did YOU have stored on Facebook?


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Chelsey Young Founder of Pix & TALES

I’m the Founder & Creative Director, otherwise known as the daughter, in the mom + daughter team behind Pix & TALES. You can learn more about our story here.



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